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I. Getting Started Guide
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A. Clif's Notes Professional Development Meme
Professional Development Meme
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II. Use Webspiration in College
A. Write & Structure Papers Easily
  Use Webspiration's brainstorming and outlining tools to brainstorm arguments and ideas for your paper, record notes, and structure your writing. Webspiration helps keep your writing on topic and reduces the need to rewrite paragraphs after they've been written.
B. Visualize Concepts
  Webspiration makes it easy to take notes visually and study for tests. Use Concept Mapping techniques to build a knowledge map of key subject concepts. Use Webspiration's hiding and showing of subtopics to test your knowledge.
C. Organize Your Written Notes
  Use Webspiration's pre-built study guide template to help organize your course readings, notes, and work. Study guides help you prepare for exams or just keep up-to-date on class materials.
III. Use Webspiration in Business
A. Diagram Processes
  Complicated processes are much easier to understand when laid out visually. Visual diagrams help you explain complex concepts, easily document work flows, and clarify interrelationships and interdependencies. Use Webspiration's diagramming tools to quickly document and explain your processes. Collaborate with co-workers, solicit feedback, and track revisions within Webspiration to keep everyone on the same page.
B. Brainstorm
  Webspiration is especially designed for free-form, visual brainstorming. Use Webspiration's Diagram view to facilitate brainstorming sessions, clarify ideas, and resolve both simple and complex issues. Quickly record ideas and information, and easily see where you have the most information, knowledge or passion around a project.
C. Business Writing
  Use Webspiration's Outline view to organize and structure your writing. Easily move topics around and group sub-points under key topics. Once you have the structure you want simply add notes to fill out your points. Or start visually in the Diagram view, with one click, your visual transforms into an outline and you can take off writing from there.
IV. Collaborate and Share
  Webspiration makes it easy to collaborate and share documents by simply sending an invite.
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